Coming soon, Namita Prasad’s definitive book to help a child achieve confidence
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The Power of Why Not

A Guide to Raising Confident Children who are Happy , Kind & Successful

Namita Prasad’s groundbreaking book, The Power of Why Not., tells the incredible story of a woman and her journey to building confidence. Her childhood, with a military father, encourages her to approach life with a “why not” attitude. She finds her confidence almost crushed after a sudden move to a new country and on the heels of a failed marriage. She eventually relies on the “why not” approach as a single mother and entrepreneur.  She then decides to teach children how to build confidence in their daily lives. What started as one small after school enrichment class has turned into an after school learning center and has now developed into a passion to reach hundreds of children.
In her book, The Power of Why Not., she shares a practical guide to help any child achieve A Confident Mindset™ which consists of courage, character and commitment.

Read Along E-Workbook

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This workbook is a tool for adults to use as they read The Power of Why Not.. It provides a framework to bring positive change in a child’s life. It also helps set the stage for adults and children to have more open and meaningful conversations. Insightful prompts help put this practical guide to use. The goal of this workbook helps utilize the tools that are offered within the book. It also encourages the child to uncover the true meaning of confidence and helps them devise a path to build incredible confidence. This workbook can be used to jot down learnings and note activities to try. It is a guide to instilling courage, character and commitment in a child and help them develop A Confident Mindset™ to lead a happy and successful life.

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