Understanding what confidence is and how to develop it helps learn any skill set”

Parents and Families

We believe that a parent is the child’s first and best teacher. We offer resources to have confidence building discussions with a child. The Power of Why Not offers a tool kit that any well-meaning adult can use to instill confidence in a child.

Schools and Educators

We support schools with a robust ACM Curriculum and though-provoking activities. These tools help educators inspire and encourage every child to possess the 3C’s of courage, and character, and commitment. The goal is for them to become confident and to be happy, kind, and successful in life.


Whether a child is on the soccer field or in the swimming pool, coaches can encourage actions of practice by using the ACM Curriculum. Team and individual discussions will set the stage for a child to be good to themselves and be good to others, which in turn fosters sportsmanship.

After-School Programs

After-school programs be it music, coding or ballet provide a platform to instill ACM in a child. Our program helps instructors to weave discussions of courage, character and commitment to help a child unlock their full potential, work well with others and be supportive of peers.