Parents and Families

We believe that a parent is the child’s first and best teacher. Time together with the child offers well-meaning adult’s ample opportunities to instill the 3C’s of courage, character, and commitment. Such interactions positively impact a child’s life. Parents and families want a child to be open to the opportunities that comes their way and to choose living life with a “why not” approach. The Power of Why Not offers a tool kit that any well-meaning adult can utilize to instill confidence in a child. Understanding what confidence is and how it can be developed while performing everyday activities creates a positive family culture.

Schools and Educators

We support schools and educators with a robust ACM Curriculum and thought-provoking activities. These tools help educators inspire and encourage every child to understand and develop confidence so that they can flourish in all school activities and later in life in the workplace. The culture at school impacts a child not just academically, it greatly reflects in the citizen that they become. Possessing A Confident Mindset™ can change the trajectory of a child’s life. The ACM Curriculum offers the school a common language and step-by-step to weave into the school day for a child to become confident and to be happy, kind, and successful.



Whether a child is on the soccer field or on the tennis court, coaches play an instrumental role for a child to understand that their confidence in a sport will come from actions of practice. This will encourage a child to try out different sports without the pressure of performance. The sports edition of the ACM Curriculum teaches the child to understand why they need courage to give things a shot. Through activities coaches will help a child understand that positive character values include both being good to yourself (being responsible and having time management) and being good to others (acts of kindness and being helpful). ACM instills sportsmanship by helping a child process all outcomes of a game.

After-School Programs

After-school programs be it music, coding or ballet provide a unique platform out-of-school to instill ACM in a child. Such programs encompass a broad range of offerings. These activities are critical to the overall development of a child. The culture of an after-school program that is guided by A Confident Mindset™ can help a child unlock their full potential without worrying about the level of expertise they have in the skill itself. Our curriculum helps instructors to engage in discussions of courage, character and commitment to as the child practices learning a new skill. It also teaches them to be a supportive of peers. When the child approaches learning a skill with a mindset of confidence, they will understand that what matters is their approach to learning an activity and not the activity itself.

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