About “The Power of Why Not”

The Power of Why Not is a guide to raising confident children who are happy, kind, and successful. It provides you with answers to these important questions:

  • What is confidence?
  • Can anyone become confident?
  • Does the confidence of an adult affect their role in developing confidence in a child?

This guide also has a step-by-step toolkit that will help any well-meaning adult instill confidence in a child.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is a feeling. However, it is not a feeling with which you start out. Confidence is the feeling you gain after the actions of practice.

Why Does it Matter?

It is important for a child to understand what confidence is before he or she can develop it. Equipped with the understanding of confidence and that building it is a step-by-step process the child is empowered to explore opportunities. This allows the child to have the power to say “why not” instead to defaulting to “why” even when they are unsure of themselves. That is why it is imperative that children are taught systematically how to develop confidence from an early age.

      Confidence building is a team sport. The well-meaning adult, be it a parent, caregiver, educator, coach or after-school program provider and the child both need to engage in this process together. For this reason, I created this book as a resource for you, the well-meaning adult, and an e-journal for the child.

      For a limited time, the e-journal is offered for FREEE. After buying the book, please email us at hello@namitaprasad.com with subject line – Free Bonus Offer to receive the e-journal for kids.


      “Raising confident children who can excel at school and in life is the goal of all parents and teachers. Namita’s practical program for possessing A Confident MindsetTM has helped our students and their parents navigate the challenges of today’s world. The Power of Why Not is an indispensable guide for parents, teachers and children.”

      Lisa Luther, Principal, Brookfield Elementary School, Troy, MI

      “I participated in the ConfidentLee® program in elementary school. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a game changer. It has helped me give opportunities a shot both in middle school and in high school. I take the ‘why not’ approach in life because I know what it takes to become confident.”

      Sanjana Kesireddy, Detroit Country Day School, Beverly Hills, MI

      “My children participated in the confidence building program and benefitted greatly. I want to support them at home as well. This practical guide offers a step-by-step process for me to do so. I love the fact that my children find the activities fun and engaging. Our whole family now has a unified understanding of what confidence means. The children now know that do not need to ‘be confident’ at the get go but will ‘become confident’ after actions of practice. This has opened their mind to giving things a shot and instilled in them the ‘why not’ approach. All parents should add this book to their collection.”

      Renuka Subhash, Parent

      “Our entire school community from toddler through middle school adopted A Confident MindsetTM program following an intensive profes- sional development for the entire staff. The curriculum is age/grade-spe- cific and encourages open discussion as well as private reflection. The result is astounding! Staff and students are more open to attempt new skills, explore freely, and support one another as champions and rocks. This guidebook should be on the nightstand of every parent and the curriculum should be implemented in every school.”

      Jennifer Brown, Head of School, Birch Grove University Prep, Oakland Charter Township, MI

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