For Children: Become Confident Today

A child that knows how to become confident has the power to say “why not” to opportunities. Participating in Namita’s workshops will provide the child with a step-by-step process to develop A Confident Mindset™. No one is born with confidence, but everyone can become confident. Enroll your child in a workshop and unlock their full potential.

Participating in Namita’s workshops will provide a tool kit and mindset change that can change the life of a child. These workshops can be taken in person or online in the comfort of your own home. Summer Workshops are in person at 4082 John R Road, Troy MI 48085

A PayPal link will be emailed to you to reserve your child’s spot. 

Each Workshop will have a Final Presentation on Fridays


Start instilling in a child the confidence to have the power to say “why not” by signing up for one of our Adult Workshops to unlock a child’s full potential.  


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    I consent to photographs/videos taken of me during my participation in the Namita Prasad Workshop and to publication of the photographs by the Operators for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes.