Confidence Building Workshops

For Adults That Want to Unlock a Child's Full Potential

Namita Prasad is the founder of ConfidentLee® and the author of The Power of Why Not. She has been instilling A Confident Mindset™ in children since 2015 through her work with ConfidentLee®. In doing so she realized that a child is surrounded by well-meaning adults that play a vital role in the development of confidence in a child.

These well-meaning adults want to make an impact in a child’s life. In her work she refers to them as Rocks and Champions. 

A Rock is involved in a child’s life on a day-to-day basis. They take responsibility for the child and encourage them to set and achieve goals. 

A Champion is a person the child respects and trusts. They encourage the child and are willing to give feedback to help the child achieve their goals.

Whether you are a Rock or a Champion these Adult Workshops offer courses that are built and directed towards topics that will instill in a child A Confident Mindset™.

Upcoming Workshops include topics such as

 Raising Children to Choose Courage over Comfort

 Raising Children that Set and Achieve Goals

 Raising Kids to be Kind and Helpful

 Raising Kids that have an Attitude of Gratitude

 Raising Kids to be Leaders and Team Players

Participating in Namita’s workshops will provide the adult with a toolkit that can change the life of a child. These workshops can be taken online in the comfort of your own home.

Start instilling in a child the confidence to have “The Power to Say Why Not” by signing up for one of our Adult Workshops to unlock a child’s full potential.


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