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Hello, I’m Namita Prasad

Author. Confidence Educator. Mom.

I’m a Confidence Educator and author of the book The Power of Why Not.

Helping children become more confident has become my mission and I have dedicated my life to a movement to help children understand that confidence is a mindset and not a skillset. This approach to life is a result of being raised by a military father who encouraged me to face life with a “why not” attitude. I’ve applied my own experiences of how to build confidence, even if personal circumstances made that achievement seem unlikely. 

As part of this journey I have also founded ConfidentLee®, an outcome-based program designed to help develop well-rounded and confident students, preparing them for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Throughout this website you will find valuable resources and free downloads to help assist in the journey of raising confident kids.

What is A Confident Mindset?

Courage. Character. Commitment.

A Confident Mindset™ is a set of beliefs and behaviours which affect how situations are handled in everyday life. It is a way of thinking that shapes the actions we take and how we process the world and people around us. It’s an approach to leading life by incorporating The Power of Why Not. 

A Confident Mindset™ also describes a frame of mind that possesses the 3C’s of Courage, Character and Commitment, describing the outlook of those who believe that they should approach their goals with courage and the understanding that the feeling of confidence comes after the actions of practice. These action plans are guided by positive character traits. 

People with this mindset know that achieving goals requires them to face their fears, embody positive character traits and have the commitment to practice as needed and follow through on their actions.


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