Who Am I 

I’m a Confidence Educator, evolving mother and entrepreneur.

I wasn’t born with confidence. It was a mindset that I developed. When times were tough, or I was at crossroads I had to rely on the “why not” approach that my father had instilled in me as a child. It was this attitude that helped me overcome the many trials and tribulations of my personal and professional life. Possessing A Confident Mindset™ has played a pivotal role and changed the trajectory of my life. Realizing the impact of this thought process led me to what has now become my calling in life, confidence education.

Why Not Approach

The “why not” approach had a deep impact on my life and that of my children. It launched my personal mission to become a confidence educator. Confidence isn’t just an enrichment option for children, it is crucial to the life and success of every child across the spectrum of culture, race, country, environment, or family financial status. It is my hope that the “why not” approach will unlock a child’s full potential

Why I Am on A Mission

Confidence in my world is not a feeling, it is the outcome of the actions of practice. To me, it is the foundation that allows any individual, be it a child or an adult, to set and achieve any goal. We need children to understand that confidence comes from having the courage to get started, the embodiment of positive character values that guide our action plans and the commitment to follow through. I believe before learning any skillset children need to possess the 3C’s of A Confident Mindset™, which are courage, character and commitment. I am a believer of mindset before skillset.

Why the book

The impact of confidence education through ConfidentLee® has garnered the interest of parents from all over the world who have asked about strategies to build confidence in their child. This book summarizes my personal journey and I share with you everything I have learned as a confidence educator. The book, The Power of Why Not, is a resource for those who want to instill unstoppable confidence in children no matter where they are in the world. It is practical guide to raising confident children who are happy, kind and successful. It’s about time we teach our children The Power of Why Not.

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